eBook Conversion Service

Affordable eBook conversion service providing text to .PDF, .epub and .mobi Kindle. I provide a one-on-one service working closely with the publisher to ensure the finished design has the desired format and style and is ready for different mobile devices.

Don’t use an online eBook conversion tool to convert text documents to eBooks. These have poor results and can result in your eBook being poorly formatted or illegible in some mobile devices. All my eBooks are created manually using professional styling techniques and CSS media queries ensuring they work in different mobile devices.
eBook Conversion Service

All ePub files are thoroughly tested and validated with ePubCheck and ePubPreflight to ensure they are accepted by all retailers. They are also proofed on the iPad.

Mobi files for the Kindle and are obtained by converting ePub files to mobi files. They will meet Amazons requirements and are validated using Kindle Preview and are proofed on a Kindle.

I can also design a very affordable custom made website where you can sell your eBook(s) yourself on your own website without losing revenue from royalties and commission that sites like Amazon demand.

What you will receive:

  • ePub file Checked and validated by ePubCheck, and ePubPreflight, and optimized for display in the most popular eBook devices and apps.
  • Kindle files that display properly on all Kindle devices and apps.
  • A PDF eBook suited for desktop and laptop devices
  • A Website with Paypal payment system.
  • SEO tips to help get your site ranked in the search engines

eBooks will contain:

  • A table of contents (NCX) used in devices such as kindles and iPads for navigation and a table of contents at the start of the ePub and mobi file linked to the appropriate sections.
  • Original formatting preserved, such as bullets/numbers, indents, bold and italics.
  • Embedded fonts if required.
  • Cover image re-sized to the correct dimensions and embedded into the eBook.
  • Optimisation of images to high resolution whenever possible while keeping file size as small as possible.
  • If desired multiple columns when viewed in larger devices

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